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Cybersecurity is a field that requires 24x7x365 vigilance. Novum’s cloud native platform and its high specialized Cybersecurity Team delivers uniquely effective solutions.


For those companies that don’t have a dedicated security member on staff or for companies who want to cost-effectively outsource varying SOC management tasks to a 3rd party, Novum provides full managed SOC services to make your security operations so much easier.

Better solution to reduce the complexity and costs

A security operations center (SOC) can help strengthen the security posture of any type of business. Building and maintaining an SOC in-house can be costly and complex. Keep always updated with all threats is a huge challenge. SOC as a Service provides a great cost-effective alternative to all organizations.

Novum’s SOC as a Service delivers an updated managed detection and response (MDR) service, helping to detect and remediate advanced threats before they impact your business.


Our methodology is based on NIST Industry-standard cyber security development framework: IDENTIFY, PROTECT, DETECT, RESPOND and RECOVER.



  • Identify and control who has access to your business information.

  • Conduct background checks.

  • Require individual user accounts for each employee.

  • Create policies and procedures for cybersecurity


  • Limit employee access to data and information.

  • Install Surge Protectors and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS).

  • Patch your operating systems and applications routinely.

  • Install and activate software and hardware firewalls on all your business networks.

  • Secure your wireless access point and networks.

  • Set up web and email filters.

  • Use Encryption for sensitive business information.

  • Dispose of old computers and media safely.

  • Train your employees.


  • Install and update anti-virus, anti-spyware and other anti-malware programs.

  • Maintain and monitor logs.


  • Make full backups of important business data and information

  • Continue to schedule incremental backups.

  • Make improvements to process / procedures / technologies.


  • Develop a plan for disasters and information security incidents.

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