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Why is Cybersecurity important?

Cybersecurity is the protection of all categories of data from theft and damage. It’s protection defend internet connected devices and services from malicious attacks by hackers, spammers and cybercriminals. Cybersecurity is to protect against phishing schemes, ransomware attacks, data breaches, and financial losses.

Business owners depends on cybersecurity solutions to protect data because cybercriminals are more talent and more resilient to conventional cyber defenses. It's significant to cover all the grounds of cybersecurity to stay well-threatened.

Cybersecurity is essential to regulate companies or industries, as healthcare, financial institute etc. It is not just for big businesses, cyber security is equally important for any small to mid-sized business. If you are not yet aware of cybersecurity, then learn more about the importance of cybersecurity and be alert to save your business from major losses. So that you don’t get harmed by cyberhackers.

Importance of cyber security in our daily life

In our daily life, we cannot pass without internet and electronics devices. Electronic devices help us easily exchange information by using internet. Cyber criminals are taking advantage of that opportunity to cybercrime from internet network and electronic devices. For this reason, cybercrime increases day by day with the help of technology advance.

Here are some common cybercrimes

  1. Email and internet fraud

  2. Personal data

  3. Theft of financial or card payment data

  4. Theft and sale of corporate information

  5. Cyber Extraction demanding money to prevent threatening attacks

  6. Ransomware attack a kind of cyber extraction

  7. Hacking a computer or device

  8. Data loss by entering the system illegally

  9. Data theft

  10. Network hacking etc.

The volume and complexity of cyber-attacks

One of the most compelling reasons that business leaders should take an aggressive approach to cybersecurity is the sheer number of cyber-attacks. On an average, the world hacked 30,000 websites of more than 60% of organizations globally per day. Every Government in the world are more conscious about the cybercrimes. GDPR is a great instance.

To decrease the reputational of data breaches of organizations that operate in the EU:

  • Communicate data breaches

  • Appoint a data protection officer

  • Require user consent to process information

  • In Europe disclosure is not limited for public. In the United States has no national laws about data breach disclosure and 50 States have data breach laws.

Commonalities include:

  • The requirement to notify those affected as soon as possible

  • Let the government know as soon as possible

How to Protect your Organization against Cybercrime

Online protection is continually evolving. Time leans toward the enemy. The present difficulties are nothing similar to tomorrow's. Dangers are turning out to be increasingly more progressed utilizing the force of computerization.

NOVUM is a managed cloud cybersecurity service provider specialized in helping the companies in their journey to the cloud. Our services focus on eliminate complexity, optimize the security stack and deploy solutions to protect and prevent against advanced threats.

Over the last years, we’ve partner with the most powerfull CyberSecurity and Cloud Services companies to protect small to medium-sized businesses in Florida.

Conclusion: At present, Cybersecurity is highly significant topic in the world. Without cybersecurity we would be always disordered about data, info, etc. With cybersecurity, we do not have the fear of data theft, hacking, etc.

Why should you choose Novum IT?

- Strategic Partnerships with the most powerfull CyberSecurity and Cloud Services companies.

- To eliminate complexity, optimize the security stack and deploy solutions to protect and prevent against advanced threats.

- Cloud migration services to protect small to medium-sized businesses in Florida.

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