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Russian cyberattacks increase throughout Florida

Updated: May 26, 2022

The White House informs companies that Russia may be planning to launch an online attack against critical U.S. infrastructure.

The US has warned of the Russian government's ability to attack American companies digitally, but President Biden reiterated the message on Monday, saying in a statement that "ongoing intelligence" indicates that Russia is "exploring options for possible cyberattacks."

The attack is likely to be a response to US sanctions against Russia over its attack on Ukraine, the White House said.

Deputy National Security Advisor for Cyber ​​and Emerging Technology Anne Neuberger has called on companies to protect their systems, which includes using more secure authentication, remediation systems against known vulnerabilities, data support, equipment, and liaison with government officials prior to a terrorist attack. cyberattack.


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Neuberger said executives held separate forums with companies last week based on "preparatory work" for US intelligence taking over Russia but said the US government did not see any cyberattack attacks.

The agency, which is investigating several attacks, has warned that simply staying in Florida increases the risk of cyber-attacks or cyber identity crimes.

U.S. government agencies have warned that hackers have a new tool in their pockets now that it makes it easier for them to access our water and energy facilities and online security experts warn that Florida is a major victim.

Kelly Hickok and State Attorney's Economic Crime Unit said because Florida is a well-documented open country there are many online resources that are not available in other states that severely limit public records laws.

“Cybercrime has grown exponentially due to international issues. There is no doubt about it, ”Hickok confirmed.

He is among the "white coats" or anti-hijackers who warned businesses at an Above Board Chamber of Florida event on Friday to be vigilant.

Christian Wartchow is the owner of Cyber ​​Secure IT Solutions and explained that the Russian government is mobilizing criminal gangs in the country that are authorized by the government to create chaos.

The FBI said the newly acquired online tools could be used by less experienced attackers that would allow them to gain access to water and power.

"It could be painful because of the feature used," Wartchow said.

The news does not end there. Chamber team experts also warn that those living in affluent communities are more likely to be victims of crime.

"If you are a millionaire compared to thousands of individual victims, it is better to follow the people with the highest value," explains James Caudill-Ritter of Pulse Technology Solutions.

Inceptus Cyber ​​Security CEO John Schlager explained why the Russians could be offensive attackers right now.

“It is an opportunity for the Russian people with sanctions and those kinds of things that are happening now. It's a good time for them to try and take the money away from us, ”said Schlager.

Negative warnings leave everyone who uses the computer at risk.

"Remember the most dangerous part of any technology is the person who uses the technology," said attorney Patrick Neale who helps protect victims of cybercrime.

How can you protect yourself against cyberattacks in Florida?

Any Florida resident that’s also a computer owner can become a target for these hackers, be it a residential or commercial user. That’s why it’s more important than ever to take suitable precautions and ensure that you are safe from any possible cyberattacks in Florida.

Novum IT is here to help with professional security solutions like vulnerability management, identity and access management services, Endpoint protection, etc. Don’t hesitate and improve your cybersecurity right away if you live in Florida, as it will help you save your identity and a lot of money!

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