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Rising cyber risks at the endpoint and how to protect against them

Unless you spend the majority of your time monitoring and patching software security vulnerabilities, chances are you’ve come across the term ‘endpoint.’ Endpoints, which many people might know as personal devices (PCs and Macs, mobile phones, or tablets) can be vectors for cyber-attacks and data exfiltration - meaning that these endpoints need to be protected at all costs. In this blog article, we're going to take you through how to protect against these growing cyber risks!

The need to address cyber risks at the endpoint

Companies need to do a better job of understanding and mitigating the risks around cyber incidents at their endpoint. On average, organizations are going to see 41% more devices on the network that are less secure than ever before. This gives cybercriminals a new opportunity for success with these devices, which will grow in number throughout this year. Using a combination of steps, organizations can mitigate the risks associated with these vulnerable devices and keep their data safe.

Why is endpoint protection so difficult?

Endpoint protection is difficult because there are no new attack vectors. Instead, hackers use different avenues that exploit the same old flaws in previous systems. For this reason, endpoint protection needs to be dealt with differently than other cyber security parameters. A traditional approach to mitigating an endpoint risk is often time-consuming and may not be appropriate.

Paragraph: This can leave organizations vulnerable and unguarded from new threats - which means IT infrastructure, operating revenue, consumer confidence and their reputation, customer database, and sensitive personal data may all be at risk, too

Creating a segmented network with a firewall and VPN

This is an important question to consider. When creating a network, it is essential to separate sensitive information from open access in order to make the data more difficult to hack into. The first step in doing this is by creating a segmented network with a firewall and VPN. These are two different types of software that both help maintains security when used properly.

Stop devices from accessing the business network

Security teams are growing concerned over the cyber risks at endpoint devices. That's because many of these devices have been shown to be able to bypass protections put in place by companies. In order to protect against this, a common suggestion has been to quarantine the device and block it from connecting to the business network. If you are unsure how or if your company would be able to do this, contact a cyber-security professional right away. Take steps now before any harm is done!

Building your endpoint security plan

The endpoint is one of the most wide-reaching and prevalent strengths for malicious cybercriminals, who target their attacks through vulnerabilities on your networks. As internet speeds continue to grow exponentially, it becomes easier for criminals to overwhelm computer systems with large quantities of commands, IDS signatures unable to keep up, and low-level denial of services that attack computers at the Operating System (OS) level. To stay safe, organizations should follow these hallmarks: create a policy document that defines what users are allowed and not allowed to do on their devices; use an enterprise endpoint protection suite that provides security updates around the clock without raising suspicion of vigilant employees; and practice due diligence in scanning your network regularly, both on-premises and virtually. These three major steps can help protect your organization against cyber security risks, whether you are using smartphones or desktop computers.

Improve monitoring

Monitoring endpoint changes on secure systems is a critical piece of maintaining a cyber-resilient environment. To do this, deploy a wide range of detection tools to proactively identify threats that may have otherwise have slipped past defenses. Establishing best practices for each employee and device will be crucial in protecting against cyber risks at the endpoint.

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