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Ransomware Grows, Adds 320 Attacks And 30 TB Of Data Hijacked In 2022

Ransomware hackers recently stole more than 30 terabytes of sensitive data from multiple organizations in the year 2022. In addition to the Shoprite Group, RansomHouse ransomware targeted Montenegro's government institutions and the largest natural gas distributor in Greece, DESFA. These recent attacks have highlighted the importance of cybersecurity in the current political climate.

RansomHouse ransomware stole 30 terabytes of sensitive data in 2022

According to a data leak site, ransomware called "RansomHouse" entered networks via vulnerabilities, held data for ransom, and then emptied victims' accounts. The ransomware was first identified in December 2021 and has already claimed six victims. It has also been mentioned in ransom notes from other ransomware groups, including White Rabbit.

Despite being relatively new in the cybercrime world, RansomHouse has already stolen more than 30 terabytes of data. Ransomware had already infected six different companies.

According to a report from RestorePrivacy, AMD is the latest alleged victim. The ransomware has claimed to have stolen sensitive data from AMD, although it has not yet revealed the specific data it stole. However, the ransomware group has provided CSV files detailing AMD's Windows domain information and lists of around 70,000 AMD internal networks.

RansomHouse has also targeted a local government in New Jersey. A spokesperson for Somerset County, NJ, confirmed the ransomware attack, and said the FBI was investigating the incident. The ransomware has now made it to the US, making the county the 22nd local government or state to be hit by it in 2022. The ransomware also made its way to the National Rifle Association (NRA), which confirmed it was a victim of the cyberattack. The NRA's political action committee reported to the Federal Election Commission that it was unable to report donations because of the attack.

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