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How to do Digital Transformation in your company

Check out tips for your company's digital transformation to be successful.

When you decide to do a digital transformation in your company, everything seems pretty exciting at first. You have the perspective that everything will get better and you want to implement the changes as soon as possible, don't you?

However, in practice, implementation is not so easy. After the initial optimism comes the planning and finally the execution of the plan. And, unfortunately, in most situations the result seems unsatisfactory.

So that doesn't happen, follow these 6 tips to make the digital transformation in your company really happen.

1. Have a Vision Leader: Every successful digital transformation project must have a leader.

It could be you or someone on your team. The key is that this visionary has a significant corporate experience as well as a focus on the goals and objectives of the project. However, it should be avoided that these goals are disconnected from the needs of users. This synergy is not easy. That's why having a leader with his eyes on the sky and his feet on the ground is so important.

2. Changing user behavior is a challenge: When you digitize processes, keep in mind that they must be much better than people expect . Only a really good change can make it easier for users to change their behavior. One of the key challenges in delivering a significant digital transformation is creating a superior user experience on paper related to functionality, ease of use and training. So, be ready for this kind of obstacle.

Leadership, follow-up and good user experience are key

3. Follow the digital transformation closely: The process can be tiring, but it is essential that you are truly present during the changes . And if you get lost along the way, try to create a list of the fundamental changes that are taking place and check back periodically. Also evaluate the objectives and expectations of each initiative, opening space for reassessments and changes

4. Uncomplicate communication : Everything that happens in the digital transformation process must be communicated in a clear and simple way. Leave aside the excess of technical terms or theories. Those responsible for digitization must explain exactly what their role will be. In this type of change, communication is often considered secondary and done anyway. This is a big mistake. For you to achieve a successful implementation, it is essential to explain and also listen to your team.

Taking risks is also necessary

5. Don't try to centralize all your data: While you should master the combination of data, leave it where it already is. The concept of having an ocean where all your data lives may sound appealing, but it's a doomed change. Many cloud services make extracting data nearly impossible, making management quite challenging.

6. Taking risks is necessary: ​​You don't have to be a kamikaze, but risk is an inherent part of change. You need to try new things, be open to other methods and approaches. Keep in mind that not all changes will work, but many of them will be very important. Failure to manage or accept risk will only result in incomplete projects. Remember that most people are very reluctant to try something new.

And, if you need a digital transformation in your company, talk to Novum TI.

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