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Holiday Inn Hotels Hit by Cyber-Attack

Holiday Inn hotels are among the most popular chain hotels in the world, but a recent cyber-attack (5th September 2022) has made them vulnerable. The hack has crippled the company's booking channels, and the company says it is cooperating with cybersecurity experts. But what exactly happened? The company hasn't divulged details of the attack, but it does say that the cyber-attack has disrupted "significantly" its business.

Holiday Inn

The Holiday Inn hotels chain, part of the Intercontinental Hotels Group, has suffered a cyber-attack. The company, which owns some of the world's largest hotel chains, has notified the appropriate authorities and has appointed external specialists to investigate the breach. It has also implemented a plan to respond to the attack.

Cyber security experts have identified an attack involving in "booking channels and other applications". The cyber-attacks targeted Holiday Inn's booking systems and operational systems.

It's unclear what type of malware was used, but experts believe the attackers used ransomware. The company is working to restore its systems, which are currently unavailable to customers. It has hired an independent cybersecurity firm to help with the investigation. In the meantime, it's taking phone bookings during the outage.

Cyber-attack victims may have used malware to steal payment card information, such as the cardholder's name, credit card number, expiration date, and internal verification code. The company says that the breach did not affect other information about guests. However, it recommends that guests check their payment card statements to see if there are unauthorized charges. They should also report unauthorized charges to their credit card issuers.

IHG, the parent company of Holiday Inn hotels, has said that the attack has affected the chain's IT systems. It is investigating the attack and has hired external specialists to help. It is working to notify regulators.

The company is investigating the incident and putting response plans in place. The chain says it has hired external specialists to investigate the issue. It will also notify relevant regulatory authorities.

IHG did not elaborate on the type of attack that affected its hotels, but said it was a "significant disruption" of their booking channels. It is working with third-party cybersecurity experts to help restore systems and reassure customers. As of Tuesday afternoon, the hotel chain's booking channels and other applications had been severely disrupted.

The company has yet to disclose how much data was stolen but has said that its systems and websites were heavily disrupted by the cyber-attack. In the meantime, it's working to restore all systems and assess the effect of the breach on its business. IHG says that it is working with third-party cybersecurity experts to investigate the hack.

As a result, customers were unable to book a hotel with the brand online. The company also said that it had informed regulatory authorities and hired external specialists to help it with the investigation.

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