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Cybersecurity: How to make employees aware?

Learn how your team can protect your company's cybersecurity!

Cybersecurity is a primary asset of your company. But all it takes is one click, one small loophole, or one weak cybersecurity policy for a hacker to ruin everything the company has worked so hard to build and protect.

The consequences can include anything from company-wide shutting down of Internet access to theft of critical data.

The situation is so serious that even manufacturers of power distribution units are victims of cyber crimes. Attackers hack the power cables that run the data servers. While this might sound like a movie story, power cable intrusion is an advanced cyber risk that only grows.

Situations like this only show that cyber crimes only grow and their practitioners are increasingly bold. Cybercrimes are predicted to cost companies around the world an estimated six trillion dollars by the year 2021.

A business of any size without a solid cybersecurity policy that is supported by a communications plan and governance team is putting its data at risk every day.

Most employees don't care about cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence and advances in machine learning will further increase sophisticated criminal threats in the cyber world. Surveys of employee relationships and their impact on cybersecurity often reveal that teams are rarely concerned about threats to corporate cybersecurity.

More specifically, in a US survey called “ Uncovering the Gaps: Security Perceptions and Behaviors of Today's Government Employees” conducted with public sector employees, some data are noteworthy. While these employees have a government security clearance, they don't really feel responsible for keeping company data safe.

The survey was done with 1000 employees, and only 13% of respondents think it is their responsibility to ensure the security of their employers' private data or hardware. More worryingly, 48% of employee respondents said they felt no obligation to secure corporate data.

With the managed services market forecast to reach $170 billion worldwide in 2019, staying informed about current business technology solutions is crucial to keeping your data safe.

A good idea is to consider a mix of solutions to keep your information completely secure. A combination of cloud storage and working with external technical support for small businesses can be ideal.

Each organization must seek its own customized solutions. However, employee support is a critical and fundamental point, necessary to maintain your company's cybersecurity.

How to increase your team's cooperation

In most organizations, cybersecurity policy review and mandatory training usually only occur once a year. However, this is a primary issue, and must be addressed continuously with everyone on the team, regardless of their role.

Share examples of how taking care of cybersecurity can make money for everyone. Also be sure to show what costs are involved when security is breached. If possible, reducing the costs associated with cyber attacks help increase employee compensation and benefits.

You can also make cybersecurity campaigns more playful. Why not invent indoor games and reward an employee for their cybersecurity care every month?

An internal network of cybersecurity ambassadors can also be created, made up of people who volunteer and have an interest in raising awareness and promoting compliance with security guidelines.

Initiatives like these can even make isolated tests and courses unnecessary. The objective is to make cybersecurity policy part of employees' annual goals, thus becoming a daily routine commitment at work.

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