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5 tips for Florida companies protect themselves from cyber attacks

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

According to ABC News, local cyber security experts warn about possible cyber attacks as a result of the Russia, Ukraine war.

Small, medium, large companies… All are at the mercy of cyber attacks.

But don't worry because, just as it exists, there are also solutions capable of protecting the security of your company's information. Check out some of the best tips right now!

The best tips to ensure the security of your company's data

1- Use only products with official licenses

Starting our list of tips to protect your company's data is a very simple one, but many forget its importance. Although it is common knowledge that the most appropriate thing is to always (and only) use official products, in the reality of many companies this is not always the case.

Using only official software licenses and other types of products needed by the company can almost completely reduce the risks of cyber attacks. In addition, many pirated programs provide an opening for hackers to act without complications, leaving your data exposed to anyone.

2- Keep the software always up to date

As well as having access to official products that are necessary for the opening and functioning of the company, it is also extremely important to keep these software or apps always up to date. Updates are not just a way to receive new functions or tools, they are also ideal for ensuring the security of the program. So if there's a new update available, do it as soon as possible.

3- Offer adequate training

It is useless, for example, for a single employee to have the best knowledge on how to protect the company's data if the other participants in the group know nothing about the subject. It is necessary that everyone involved in the company (from the highest positions to the lowest positions) have access to adequate training, capable of opening the eyes of employees about possible failures or dangers in the company's Information Security.

Focusing on this, offer all your employees a series of courses, workshops, classes and even books or videos on how to keep your company's data safe and watch your data security increase with ease.

4- Use cloud backup

Cloud backup is a powerful tool when it comes to enterprise data protection, as it offers high-quality security and does not allow you to forget about necessary updates in the generated and collected data. In addition, it can save any company in cases of losses due to floods, fires, damages, thefts, etc.

5- Trust Novum IT to help you protect your company

Providing the right cybersecurity product and service is one of the most important ways to ensure the security of your company's data in the short and long term. And, to ensure that it is indeed adequate. Count on one of the best endpoint protection of Florida.

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