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Insurance Companies

Cybercriminals are shifting their attention to more vulnerable targets, such as insurance companies, now that other high-profile sectors have become more secure. Identity thieves can easily gain access to massive databases of personally identifiable information kept by insurers.

Banking & Financial Services

The most important objective of Cybersecurity in digital banking is to save the customer's assets. As Individuals go cashless, ever more activities or transactions are done online. Individuals use their digital money savor credit cards and debit cards for transactions which need to be protected under Cybersecurity.


Education institutions require to make cybersecurity a priority. In spite of the sector facing important challenges as an example a lack of staffing and a lack of funding and resources, cyberattacks are no less often or less severe in education. In fact, they appear to be gaining ground in prevalence year-on-year as instances of breaches in schools and higher education are widely reported.

Energy & Utilities

Cybersecurity for power and utilities is an repeatedly overlooked priority. Water and wastewater treatment utilities are vital infrastructures for any community’s survival. Yet, these systems are vulnerable and simple to exploit by opportunistic hackers.


Our Nation’s security and economic prosperity depend on the stability and integrity of our Federal communications and information infrastructure. Threats to cyberspace pose some of the most serious challenges of the 21st century for the United States. The President has made strengthening the Nation’s cybersecurity a priority from the outset of this Administration.

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