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Vulnerabiilty Management

Understand your vulnerabilities to improve your security posture.


Novum Vulnerability Management Service is a cost-effective way to improve your security posture and achieve security consistent. Take all control of your IT environment to determine your organization’s unique vulnerabilities, understand the scope of potential security issues, and put essential safeguards in place to optimize performance and protection.

In additional, stay ahead and meet compliance and regulatory requirements with a vulnerability management plan.

Better solution to reduce the complexity and costs


A security operations center (SOC) can help strengthen the security posture of any type of business. Building and maintaining an SOC in-house can be costly and complex. Keep always updated with all threats is a huge challenge. SOC as a Service provides a great cost-effective alternative to all organizations.

Novum’s SOC as a Service delivers an updated managed detection and response (MDR) service, helping to detect and remediate advanced threats before they impact your business.


Our methodology is based on NIST Industry-standard cyber security development framework: IDENTIFY, PROTECT, DETECT, RESPOND and RECOVER.

Scope of Vulnerability Management Service:

Set-Up and Scanning


Device Discovery

Enumeration and Vulnerability Mapping

Benefits of Novum’s Vulnerability Management services includes:


Improved security of your infrastructure

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Saves your business time

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Saves money

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Advanced 24/7 intrusion prevention

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