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Endpoint Security Services

Endpoint security is crucial for businesses of all sizes. Cybercriminals are constantly creating new ways to take advantage of employees, infiltrate networks, and steal private information.

Novum’s EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) service provides the best solution to protect your business against sophisticated cyberattacks. The number of endpoints attached to networks is growing exponentially, making essential protect all of them - Smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.


Our scope of Identity and Access Management Services includes:

  1. Monitor and collect activity data from endpoints that could indicate a threat

  2. Analyze this data to identify threat patterns

  3. Automatically respond to identified threats to remove or contain them

  4. Forensics and analysis tools to research identified threats and search for suspicious activities

Why Choose Endpoint Security Services provided by Novum?

Novum’s cybersecurity experts help secure your endpoints 24/7/365. With our managed detection and response capabilities, we help protect your business against cyberattacks, reduce downtime, increase productivity and enforce corporate secure posture.

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Managed Detection

and Response


24/7 Monitoring

and Alerting

What are the benefits of endpoint security provided by Novum?

Smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops are vulnerable to numerous threats from cybercriminals. While the user may enable a threat actor access to their device by falling for a phishing attack or opening a suspicious attachment, having Novum’s endpoint security services can keep malware from spreading through the machine.

The benefits of endpoint security services provided by Novum include:

  • Protection for devices

  • Cost savings

  • Time savings

  • Compliance satisfaction

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